Nursery (12.8.22)

English Orals:

Alphabet E, F, H, I, L and T with phonic sound and Jolly phonics

Maths Orals:

Numbers 1 – 5

Maths written:

Let’s Learn Numbers Books Pg 12, 19


Shapes – Circle, Triangle, Semicircle, Square and Rectangle

Colours – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange

Pink Book of Activities – Pg 89

Rhymes – Revise all


On 18.8.22, Thursday we are celebrating Colour’s day. So parents, kindly follow the colour as per the division given for the dress code and eatables.  Please send the eatables according to the colour.

Nursery A – Red

Nursery B – Blue

Nursery C – Green

Nursery D – Yellow

Please note: Portion paper is sent today.