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St. Mira's Primary and Pre-Primary Schools are dedicated to initiating the children on a path that enables them to become self-learners,capable of adjusting to the changing needs of the world.


 The School is spread over three and a half acres of land. Activities are designed using nature as a learning tool. A conscientious effort is made to inculcate in the child love and care for trees, animals, fruits and flowers.Along with extensive activity- schedule, the reading, writing and number skills are also learnt in an interesting manner, both in the classroom and also through computers and CDROMS.

For an all round development in the child's personality, besides imparting education of the highest quality, the school also provides the students with ample opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activites for self improvement and perfection.It inculcates in them a positive approach towards life, perseverance, a spirit of co-operation, co-ordination and sportsmanship.


A wide spectrum of activities is offered to cater to the palate of the young minds such as drawing, painting, colouring, clay-work, craft, origami, papermache, games, race, hurdles, sports, physical training, yoga, karate, music,elocution, dancing dramatization, story-reading, nature ramble, pet-care, etc.

St.Mira's School is a school with a difference. Other than the regular school activities, we have a few varied ones too. Students are placed in an atmosphere which enables them to grow in reverence for all prophets, saints and sages, the heroes of humanity of all races and religions.The school endeavours to create an atmosphere which may enable its students to grow in Love of God and the essential unity of all life.


Social Services

To inculcate the feeling of sharing among the students,we practice the ideal of service everyday in a humble way.Each day, a group of students visit orphanages or some or the other institution and offer food to the needy.

Bird Feeding :

Each day a group of young students accompanied by their class teacher visit the Sadhu Vaswani Ashram and feed the birds and receive their blessings.

Distribution of food and clothes :

From time to time students bring food, used clothes and toys from home which are distributed to the needy.

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